House inspired by Ferris Bueller movie up for sale – but walls hold tragic story

House inspired by Ferris Bueller movie up for sale – but walls hold tragic story

If you tuned into Channel 4 on Wednesday evening (July 22) you might have seen a rather interesting build featured on a repeat episode of Grand Designs.

The episode, from 2018, shows a property being built in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall, which was inspired by the 1986 film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

The finished home looks unique – but it also happens to have a unique and heartbreaking story behind it, reports Cornwall Live.

During the episode, viewers are taken on a roller coaster ride as they watch the project cause a great amount of stress for all those involved – and one of the builders tragically dies before he can see the completed efforts of his labour.

Harry and Briony Anscombe were the couple with visions of creating a structure similar to A James Speyer’s Ben Rose House featured in Ferris Bueller – despite never having seen the actual house before.

Presenter Kevin McCloud spent time with the pair, learning how they had moved out of London 18 months earlier and now wanted to set down their roots in Cornwall and build a dream pad.

The project, which took place on the site of a former dairy farm, ended up taking longer than they’d hoped and the team ended up taking a number of gambles.

One big blow came early on in the episode when McCloud revealed that their budget of £400,000 wouldn’t give them a proper replica of the film house – they’d need to double their money if that was what they truly wanted.

Despite this, Harry and builders Ken and Mark, decided they would carry on, making some changes to the plan, meaning the end result wouldn’t be quite the same as the house which a Ferrari famously crashed through the windows of.

However the set backs kept on coming, with the Beast from the East causing them trouble and a wrong measurement setting their schedule back weeks.

But the worst was yet to happen.

As the construction work continued, the team arrived on site one morning to discover that Ken Pearce, one of the builders, had died suddenly in his sleep.

“He was always so patient with us, we asked stupid questions every day and he’d put up with it and teach us in his charming Cornish way,” said Harry.

“He wasn’t just a builder; he was a friend of the family too.”

Fourteen months after they started, the house, called Natural Bridges, was completed and a memorial stone with the words “Built 2018, Ken Pearce” was installed outside the property as a tribute to their friend.

The finished build featured some noticeable differences from the Ferris Bueller house – the most obvious of which is that it is made from less glass and instead has more walls in the form of Siberian larch cladding.

It’s also bigger than the movie home.

The entire project set the couple back £510,000 in the end, but they definitely thought it was worth it.

Speaking about the house, Harry said: “Speyer was pure glass and perhaps a bit impractical, but it inspired us, and this is our version.”

If you like the look of Natural Bridges then you’re in luck, as the property is currently up for sale.

The Grand Designs house is on the market for a whopping £1.8million.

For that price, you get a home like no other that’s nestled in five-acres of secluded woodland and perfectly within walking distance of the coast.