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Here we will publish the answers of frequently asked questions
 Question:  What is Forex?
 Answer:  Forex is an organized structure for world foreign exchange trade.
 Question:  What are the strategies for trade on the foreign exchange market  Forex?
 Answer:  The strategies for trade on the foreign exchange market are program  systems for a certain type of platforms (Metastock, Omega,  Metatrader/Metaquotes), that automatically give signals for sell and  buy. These signals are realized on the base of different status on the  foreign exchange market. The signals given by the strategies are based  and received on the basis of historical data (quotations for a certain  period of time).
 Question:  What are the risks in trading on Forex with mechanical systems?
 Answer:  Foreign exchange market Forex is unpredictable. No one can predict  for sure the movement of the foreign exchanges. The different types of  strategies, analyses and signals can predict to 80-90% of the  movements on the foreign exchange market. This is an indicator, that  there is always a risk for your investments. Before initiation of trade on  Forex is good for you to consider and calculate all the risks.
 Question:  Can I buy all the strategies you offer elsewhere?
 Answer:   No! The strategies, you can find on can be bought only on, by filling an order application, except in cases for which is  explicitly stated that certain strategy can be bought elsewhere.
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